Our Mission Statement is…

to foster and affirm vocations to the priesthood and vowed religious life in the Diocese of El Paso through this ministry and affirm our members' common Catholic faith.


Calendar for Serra Events: 2015


December Calendar 2015

1 December 7th: Trustee Meeting: Angry Owl 11:30 AM

2 December 18th: Holy Half Hour & Luncheon

3 December 18th: Speaker Luncheon El Paso Club

4 December 21st: Christmas with our Seminarians

             6:30 PM El Paso Club Downtown RSVP!


January Calendar 2016

1 January 4th: Trustee Meeting: Angry Owl 11:30 AM

2 January 15th: Holy Half Hour & Luncheon

3 January 15th: Speaker Luncheon El Paso Club


Live Video Stream of Bishop Mark J. Seitz Installation Mass

Officers Installation May 17th Luncheon

               Officer Installation Luncheon 2013-2014

Sisters Luncheon 3 + 3+ 13

Sisters Appreciation Luncheon 2012

Priest Luncheon March 25th at 12:30         

  Priest Appreciation Lunch Photo’s 2012

Serra Officers Installation Dinner 2012 Photo’s

    New Officers Installation Photos 2012

Memorial Links:

Fr. Rick Matty

Fr. Robles

Fr. Justen

Fr. Alfred Villanueva

Christmas 2012 Celebration with our Seminarians

Deacon Allan  Alaka Photos

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Prayer Service for Vocations:

Every Month 5:15 at St Patrick Cathedral

"Private prayer is like straw scattered here and there: If you set it on fire it makes a lot of little flames. But gather these straws into a bundle and light them, and you get a mighty fire, rising like a column into the sky; public prayer is like that."

St. John Vianney

Text Box: St. John Vianney

The Roman Catholic Diocese of El Paso, established in 1914, includes 10 counties (El Paso, Hudspeth, Jeff Davis, Culberson, Brewster, Ward, Winkler, Loving, Reeves, Presidio). in far West Texas covering 26,686 square miles. The Catholic population served by the Diocese is 656,035 (of 811,739). The Diocese is made up of 55 parishes, 22 missions, and 17 ministries. The ministries serve the unique multicultural, multilingual needs of the diocese and community.


Text Box: You can be Next!
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New Members Bio
Text Box: Fr. Mariano Lopez: Vocations El Paso Diocese
We will Have 21 Seminarians by the end of summer! 
“Look what God did with only 12 disciples”
Fr. Mariano Lopez accepts position as Vocations Director and Serra Club Pastor!
We congratulate you 
Fr. Mariano!
Text Box: Serra Club Special Events with Photo’s:
Bishop Dinner 2011 Bishops Dinner 2010
Sisters Dinner 2011 Sisters Dinner 2012
Priest Luncheon 2011 Priest Luncheon 2012
Serra Club Installation Dinner 2011         Dinner 2012
June 29th Priest Ordination Mariano Lopez & Mark Salas

Serra Club Members…

Who are you inviting to lunch this month?

Retired Priest Fr. Richard Weiss

Priests Luncheon Photos Fr. Miguel Sanchez, Fr. Mariano Lopez listened and he called and he was Ordained A Priest  in  2011. 

Fr. Lopez was promoted to Vocations Director 2015 July.

 IS God Calling you? Listen to him and call Fr. Miguel Angel Sanchez

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Meet our New Officers 2012-2013



Mr. Andy Portillo 

Past President 2012-2013 for Serra Club El Paso, We Thank you for your Service and all you do!

Who’s calling you?

Thank you!

Mrs. Liz Rios-Carl  Past President of Serra Club 2013-2014

El Paso, Texas

Congratulations to:

Mr. Gilbert Estrada President of Serra Club 2015-2016

El Paso, Texas

Gilbert Estrada Serra Club President

Fr. Miguel Angel Sanchez Past Vocations Director thank you for all your Great works!

Thank you1

Mrs. Maryann Haynes

Immediate Past President of Serra Club 2014-2015

El Paso, Texas