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Left: Robert E. O’Malley last charter member of Serra Club # 52 El Paso Texas and Col Tom Walters (Past President)

                                            Sister Caroline Vasquez April 1, 2012  Forever in our Hearts

Sister Caroline Vasquez OSF, my sister died on Palm Sunday, April 1, 2012, in El Paso. People from Our Lady of the Valley School, and church were almost lining up to come and visit her at home until she said that she just could not see anyone any more.

Her Rosary was just beautiful - people were standing out side the church. Many, many religious sisters participate in reciting the rosary, the Jermo sisters played their music after each decade, her order sisters from St. Louise, and Mescalero ( about 8) were with her during this time, other sisters came from as far as Boston (sisters that knew her, and who had left) also came to be here for her services.  Her Mass yesterday, was also pack full, there were ten priests concelebrating with Fr. Maurice, OLV, pastor. Franciscan priests from Roger Bacan Seminary and from Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Fr. Arturo Bustamante and Fr. Miguel Brisenio. Our young priests - Fr. Mark, Fr. Jose Morales, Fr. Joe Molina, Fr. Tony Celino were there. Other priests were, Fr. Koby, Fr. Moore, Fr. David Fierro and Deacon Carlos Rubio. Two Franciscan brothers from St. Joseph School were also at Mass.

Sr. Caroline belonged to the Institute of Interfaith Dialog, which is a Turkish Muslim community. Two years ago she went to Turkey with a group of this organization and other people that are also members. They promote peace. This young man, Sabri, who considered Sister like his mother, went everyday to pray at her death bed. He is inviting family, friends, and any one who is interested to come to a ceremony to renaming their library as "Sister Caroline Vasquez Library". She impacted these young people with her spirituality, and her sincerity and love so much they want everyone to know of her. The ceremony was held on Sunday, April 22 , at 3:00 pm.

“Sr. Caroline forever in our Hearts”