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Invitation to Vocations

I. Introduction

On April 30, 1598 the first Thanksgiving Mass was celebrated in what is now the United States at the Rio Grande River near El Paso, Texas. [1] The Spanish Explorer Don Juan de Onate declared a feast for the following three days to thank the Lord for their safe passage. In 1680 the village of El Paso became the base for the governance of the territory of New Mexico. [2]

The Apache Wars and subsequent Comanche wars left Northern Mexico, then including present day New Mexico, Texas and Cochiulla in a state of perpetual instability.

El Paso is the county seat of El Paso, County and home to the now named University of Texas, El Paso founded in 1914. [3] 

El Paso remains rich in diversity, culture, anthropology, art and educational opportunities and as the second safest city in America a refuge for those seeking to flee the violence a few miles away in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

If after prayerful reflection you are blessed with a calling to the priesthood consider applying for seminary training in El Paso.

In this economic downturn El Paso continues to excel with spot shortages of housing, due to citizen inflow from states like Arizona, California and Nevada all retaining high unemployment and fewer opportunities than Texas. Like the Indian wars of old parts of Mexico suffer from a form of perpetual instability; Mothers and fathers send their children from Mexico to El Paso due to the lawlessness, kidnapping and extortion demands.

The United States Army base at Fort Bliss continues to add personnel some of whom are returning from multiple tours of duty in Iraq and/or Afghanistan. These men and women need respite, healing from the ravages of war and to reacquaint themselves with family and friends.

Many Catholics and Non-Catholics alike are in need of healing from addiction, anxiety, turmoil, broken homes, drug wars and all other afflictions of mind, body and soul.

Then he said to his disciples:  “The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few.” [4]

Are you blessed with a spiritual calling to join in the harvest of souls for the Lord? If so we can help; together we can elevate the lives of so many through the consecration of your priestly hands in this world to be blessed by his hands in the next!





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Our Mission Statement is…

  to foster and affirm vocations to the priesthood and vowed religious life in the Diocese of El Paso through this ministry and affirm our members' common Catholic faith.