Our Mission Statement is…

  to foster and affirm vocations to the priesthood and vowed religious life in the Diocese of El Paso through this ministry and affirm our members' common Catholic faith.


Tom & Lillian Walters with Bishop Ochoa 12.10.2010

Dr Robert Esch, Florence Senkowsky, and Frank Senkowsky

Florence Challman and Bishop Ochoa and Florence Senkowsky

Estella Bustamante &                             Dr. Robert Esch

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Hubbard

Fr. Telles & Mrs. Sparks

Frank Senkowsky Fr. Telles      

Lillian Walters and Fr. Telles

Florence Challman and Wally and Jane Thomson

Mr. & Mrs. Al Adkins

JD Douglas & Bishop Ochoa

Mr. Al Adkins

Mr. Al Haag

Alicia Contreras and Bishop Ochoa

Mary Brock and Bishop Ochoa

Rudolph Miles,Elvia Miles and Bishop Ochoa

Fr, Weiss and Tom Walters

Left: Elias  and  Mrs. & Mr. Andy Portillo

Bishop Ochoa and Elvia and Tom Doyle

Susan Elias, Bishop Ochoa and Mary Ann Haynes

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Sparks

Bishop Ochoa and Hilda Kern and Dr. Bill Kern

Mr. Al Haag and Jane Thomson

Moris and Betty Lauwereins with Bishop Ochoa

JD Douglas and Lillian and Tom Walters

Bishop Ochoa and Mr. & Mrs. Derek Hansen

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Photos of Bishops Dinner 2010

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