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  COMING EVENTS:      Follow Serra Club on Twitter@serraclubelp

1. March 2nd Prayer Service Vocations 5:15 is canceled Instead attend the

    Bishop Ochoa’s Mass at  St. Patrick Cathedral at 5:15.

2. March 4th Luncheon Speaker Meeting 11:30 AM El Paso Club 18th Floor.

3. March 18th Luncheon Speaker Meeting 11:30 AM El Paso Club 18th Floor.

5. March 21st Trustee Meeting  11:30 AM Location to be announced.

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Text Box: Volume MMX No.3 March 2011

 Serra Club of El Paso, Texas

Presidents     Message


Sisters speakers at Serra Club/ Sisters Dinner


Special trip to Van Horn, Fr. Lacerna


Your Prayer Vocations requests & Birthday wishes


Serra Club Projects &

Members in the news


New Members Mr. Albert Cragen, Lori and Patrick Hoefner


Coming Events


Serra for Priestly and Religious Vocations


Serra Club of  El Paso. No.52











Established March 27, 1950

District No. 5



Prayer Service for Vocations on  March 2nd 2011 at

St. Patrick’s Cathedral has been canceled.

Instead you are invited to attend A special Mass by Bishop Ochoa who is hosting all the Bishops of states bordering Mexico.

                 PRESIDENTS MESSAGE MARCH 2011


  Our Diocesan Vocations Office, under the direction of

Father Miguel Sanchez, is working hard to create an

environment in our local Church that will nurture vocations to the priesthood and religious life.


  Bishop Ochoa has identified vocation development as a high   priority in our diocese. This seems to me, to set the stage for the Vocation Office to “harvest” vocations to the priesthood and     religious life. But few men step forward to enter the seminary unless they have had a personal experience with God either through the family, parish or school. In this regard, all of us are needed to  create a culture that will nurture vocations to        priesthood and religious life.


  The work of the Vocations Office is structured to “harvest”        vocations that are created by the entire Catholic

community. If our Church does not have continuing flow of

vocations to the priesthood, we need to look around in our family, in our parish and in our school to understand why this is           occurring.      Continued on page 2



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 DINNER                        was a Success!      DOMINICAN 
Retreat House 
(click on link to view photo’s)

Thank you To:      Liz Carl 
Dolores Romo