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Text Box:  Calendar Events for July 2012
Text Box: 1.    July 11th “Holy Half Hour” St. Patrick Cathedral 5:15 Mass & Prayer Service.
July 20th  Luncheon meeting  Wally & Liz Speakers of Serra Club and how it works. El Paso Club Downtown
July 24th  11:30 AM Tuesday Trustees meeting at Opus.         
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Serra Club El Paso, Texas




Serra for Priestly and Religious Vocations



Text Box: Luncheon Meeting July  20, 2012 Speaker Meeting Wally and Liz will speak on what exactly Serra Club does and how you can help!
A wonderful time t o invite new members. See you at lunch!

Presidents Message: Andy Portillo President.



June speaker Meeting Sr. Helen Santamarial Paso Club Photos


Prayers for Vocations, Serra Members. Birthdays



Fr. Justen May he rest in peace, New member 



Trustee meetings

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Serra Club of El Paso. NO. 52


Established March 27,1950

District NO 5

Sister Helen Santamaria, S.J.  with Villa Maria

Mr. Andy Portillo

President’s Message


We  have lost a Priest Fr. Edward Justen, S.J. who has served in our Diocese for over 25 years.  We all will miss him.

  We Thank Sr. Helen Santamaria for a wonderful Updated on Villa Maria. We look forward to sharing our next meeting with all of our new members and future new  members. Wally and Liz will be sharing about t the Serra club and all we do.

May the Lord continue to bless us all.





Special thanks to Sister Helen Santamaria for the Villa Maria Update!


Come and meet our New members for Lunch!

  Sr. Helen Santamaria June 15, 2012 speaker at the Serra luncheon in El Paso Texas, at the El Paso club. 


  Sr. Helen updated all of our Serra members on the  progress of Villa Maria with a brief Bio and history of how Villa Maria came to be.  We all loved her mission and we have invited her back to speak with us again in August 17 2012 at our Luncheon. Thank you Sr. Helen for all you do. 



       Villa Maria is a Beautiful, Safe, Supportive and Spiritual Residence for women who are homeless and without children.

Fr. Migeul Sanchez, Chaplin of Serra Club. Sr. Helen Santamaria, S.J. Executive Director of Villa Maria in El Paso, TX and Col. Tom Walters and his lovely wife Lillian.