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  COMING EVENTS:      Follow Serra Club on Twitter@serraclubelp

1. February 2nd Prayer Service Vocations 5:15 at St. Patrick Cathedral.

2. February 4th Luncheon Meeting Cancelled.

3. February 5th Sisters; Mass &  Dinner at Dominican Retreat House. (Contact Liz Carl for a ride)

4. February 18th Luncheon Meeting Induct Mr. Crager, Group Disscusion11:30 EL Paso Club 18th Fl.

5. February 28th Trustee meeting  11:30 Jaxon’s

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Text Box: Volume MMX No.2 February 2011

 Serra Club of El Paso, Texas

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Serra Club of El Paso. No.52











Established March 27, 1950

District No. 5




Text Box: It is our prayer that young men will hear and  respond to God’s call to be a Priest in the Catholic Diocese of El Paso
Tom Walters
President Serra Club El Paso
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Tom Walters

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 DINNER                        will be held on      SATURDAY 5  February 2011
Retreat House 
 Invitation have been mailed to the 

President’s Message February 2011


PRAY-INVITE-ENCOURAGE AND AFFIRM, these words summarize the essence of our Serra Club of El Paso Mission.


Our Sisters Dinner scheduled for 5 February 2011 gives us an excellent opportunity to encourage and affirm our Sisters serving our Diocese. I hope many Serran will join us in this celebration.

The Serra USA web site offers us some excellent  information about inviting young people to consider a vocation of    consecrated service to our Church.


I reproduce this for your information:


                 Which manifest themselves. They must be fostered.

                 Which are not conscious of themselves. They must be 


Which do not dare manifest themselves. They must be      found and encourages.

                 Which are in fear of being lost. They must be reassured.

                 Which meet with opposition. They must be strengthened.

                 Which are paralyzed by poverty. They must be helped.


We know that our club needs and welcomes new members. It is a pleasure to welcome Ms. Jeannine Nobles and Mr. Albert Crager as new member.


Jane Thomson invites people to join us.  What a good example she sets for us all. Thanks Jane.


Our Club offers prayers and condolences to our Serra Members

Al Adkin for the loss of his loving wife Grace and  Andy Portillo for the loss of his Brother Homero.