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1. December 1st Prayer Service Vocations 5:15 at St. Patrick Cathedral.

2. December 3rd Luncheon Meeting Delores Romo Skit Moderator 11:30 El Paso Club 18th fl.

3. December 10th  Bishops Dinner Coronado Country Club RSVP 6:00 PM Dinner 7:00 pm.

4. December 17 & 20 luncheon meeting & Trustee meeting are cancelled for December!

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Text Box: It is our prayer that young men will hear and    respond to God’s call to be a Priest in the Catholic Diocese of El Paso
Tom Walters
President Serra Club El Paso
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December 10,2010

Tom Walters

President’s Message December 2010

  The annual Serra Appeal is off to a good start, but gifts      received to date are a bit less than last year.

Our Club does good work with your gifts.

All Serrans know that our mission, in part, is to encourage   vocations to the priesthood of our Diocese of El Paso. An important part of this mission is to encourage and support the work of our Diocesan     Vocations Office. This month I attended a Parish Vocation meeting    conducted by Father Miguel Sanchez. Father Miguel has a very good plan in place to help build a culture of vocation.  His program has cast a wide net with his personal talks and encouragement to various Catholic Organizations. His work is bearing fruit. We have seven young people in our discernment program and one young man has applied and is undergoing the in-take process to enter the ST Charles Seminary. Parish Leaders and Serrans must understand and support this vocation development plan.  So if your parish does not have a Parish Vocation Committee, help your Pastor organize one.

A Vocation Office program that is encouraging and deserves our support is  “Project Andrew”. “Project Andrew” is a program that asks Priest of the Vicariates to invite young men to join the Priest for a dinner to share the joys of the priesthood. We Serrans should do whatever we can to encourage our Pastors to support “Project Andrew”. This program has potential, if properly supported. If you know a young man who should be invited, tell your Pastor about him.

. Work continues on the Vocations web site. When young men visit the Vocation web site, it is our hope that they will see pictures and short stories about our Catholic Diocesan Priests. When young men  understand how our Priests serve us, they will hear and respond to God’s call.

A special thanks to Sr. Margarita Armendariz for speaking at our 5th of November luncheon and Mr. Jim Hubbard for speaking to our Serra Club at the 19 November meeting about “God’s Technology”.


December 3rd  Luncheon Meeting will be at 11:30 at the El Paso club 18th floor.

Members will   preform a skit about the          Apparition of Our Lady of           Guadalupe to Juan Diego. Delores Romo is the Moderator