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Text Box:    WHO ARE YOU INVITING TO LUNCH? March 4th and 18th 2011
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Text Box: I pray I can be open to know the different dimensions of GOD. 
Say’s Mr. Mesta Daughter 
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Text Box:  Serra Club of El Paso, Texas

Above Left: JD Douglas and Mr. Eugenio Mesta and Andy Portillo, Above Lillian Walters and Mr. Mesta  with Visiting Serra member Jeannine’s Sister a Serran member from Potsdam, New York Ms. Jackie Cutler and  Jeannine Noble, Below Left Mr. Mesta and his two Children who shared about their Journey of service in helping others . This is a wonderful Vocation!

Mr. Mesta and two of his Children who all shared about the movement of Getting to know our Lord and helping to carry the message.  Helping others in remote areas of Texas and Mexico.

Brother Nick Gonzalez Principal of Cathedral High School. Spoke on Vocations and what Cathedral High is doing about carrying the





Mr. Eugenio Mesta Working for Vocations in West Texas and Mexico.  Thank you for all you do!

Francis Flood and Jimmy Jones Both Serra Members of El Paso

Left: Jeannine Nobel , Mary Ann Haynes , Dorothy Schatzman and  Susan Elias Enjoy the Luncheon at the El Paso, TX.  Club 3.18.11