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1. April 1st Luncheon Speaker Meeting 11:30 AM El Paso Club 18th Floor.

New Members: Mr. Gilbert Estrada and Dorothy Schatzman and Our Speaker will be Rev. Anthony Celino,  Judicial Vicar of the Diocese of El Paso.

2. April 6th Prayer Service Vocations at  St. Patrick Cathedral at 5:15.

3. April 18th Priest Luncheon 12:30 AM St. Charles Seminary Check for time.

5. April 11st Trustee Meeting  11:30 AM Doubletree Downtown.


Volume MMX No.4 April 2011

 Serra Club of El Paso, Texas

Inside this issue:

Serra for Priestly and Religious Vocations


Text Box: Serra Club of  El Paso. No.52

Established March 27, 1950 
District No. 5


                      PRESIDENTS MESSAGE APRIL 2011


  The work of the Vocations Office is structured to “harvest” vocations that are created by the entire Catholic community.     If our Church does not have continuing flow of vocations to the priesthood, we need to look around in our family, in our parish and in our school to understand why this is occurring.


Our Vocation Office has identified the family as a key to unlocking the store of vocations. The family will either help or hinder their children’s search for a priestly vocation.

What can we do to help?


Maybe the family should know that a Priestly Vocation is an elite profession that stands on a par with Doctors, Lawyers, and    Engineers. To become a priest one must study for nine years. Four years of undergraduate work, four years of graduate work and a one-year internship.


Upon ordination, what does he do?                                     What is his job description?


Well first of all he becomes a Steward of the Mysteries of God. 


Here are a few things that he does:                 

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Text Box: Serra Members Come Celebrate with us 
April 18, 2011
In Honor of Our Priests.

We Love our Priests and we are thankful  we have them. 
Pray for vocations!

Presidents     Message


Speakers Mr. Mesta and Brother Nick Gonzalez


Special Guest show up at the march 18th meeting


Your Prayer Vocations requests & Birthday wishes


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Members in the news


New Members Mr. Gilbert Estrada and Dorothy Schatzman


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