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Serra Club El Paso, Texas




Serra for Priestly and Religious Vocations


President’s Message

Calendar of events for March, April & May



Fr. Jose Lorenzo Lucero & Vocations update!


Prayers for Vocations, Serra March Speaker & Guests


World News St John Paul II & St John XXIII 4.2.2014 


Serra Members, Seminarian Birthdays for March & April


Trustee meetings:

Projects & upcoming events:




Serra Club of El Paso. NO. 52


Established March 27,1950

District NO 5

1. March 3rd: Trustee Meeting: P.F. Chang’s 11:30 AM.

2  March 21st: 11:15 AM Holy Half hour, Lunch and Speaker Meeting with our guest 

       David Driscoll Esq.


3. April 7th Trustee Meeting: PF Chang’s 11:30 AM.

4. April 14th Priest Appreciation Luncheon Martyr’s Hall St Charles Seminary {Cancelled}.

5. Aprils Luncheon {cancelled}

6. May 5th: Trustee Meeting: P.F. Chang’s 11-:00AM.

7. May 16st: 11:15AM Holy Half hour with Lunch and Speaker to follow.

   Officers will be sworn in for 2014 ~ 2015. Presentation of Fr. Alan Alaka Priest Kit {If Fr. Alan   

   Alaka is in the country}.

8. June 2nd: Trustee Meeting: P.F. Chang’s 11:00AM.

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Our next Luncheon Meeting is Friday


May 16 2014:


Our Guest Speaker will be

Fr. Allan Alaka


If he is back from Kenya we would like to present him with a special gift from the Serra Club. This is a luncheon to invite a guest to join us!

Lot’s of fun!

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Dear Fellow Serrans:

  As you may be aware after publishing the date of our annual Priest Luncheon and prior to verifying the date with the Diocese of El Paso we were informed that the Priests were not scheduled to meet on Holy Monday of Easter Week. We regret our error. His Excellency offered two new dates including one in April and one in May for our annual Priest appreciation luncheon. The Board of Trustees after careful consideration decided that neither date would be convenient for participation by the Serra Club.

Therefore our next Priest appreciation luncheon will be sponsored sometime in 2015.      

  I would also like to welcome our Co-Presidents for the upcoming year; Mary Ann Haynes and Susan Elias. It has been a pleasure to serve as your President. I want to thank each and every Serran for your support and commitment to our growth and success!

Liz Carl


  Holy Spirit, come to us; open our eyes to you. Holy Spirit, come to us; open our eyes to you that we may know Jesus as we seek his face. That we may hear his voice when he calls out our name.


Presidents Message

Liz Carl


March & April



See you all at the Officers Installation Luncheon!

Susan Elias                  Mary Ann Haynes