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Text Box: Text Box:  Calendar Events for September thru early October 2013
Text Box: Text Box: September 2013
Text Box: Volume MMX No. 9

Serra Club El Paso, Texas




Serra for Priestly and Religious Vocations




Presidents Message: It’s time for our Serra Appeal + Fr. Ron Gonzalez From Sacred Heart Church!






Serra Members in action and with our guest + Fr. Gonzalez


Prayers for Vocations, Serra Members. Birthdays



September Anniversaries in Celebration of Priestly Ordinations


Trustee meetings

Projects, &, upcoming events






Serra Club of El Paso. NO. 52


Established March 27,1950

District NO 5

Text Box: 1. September  9th 11:30AM Trustee Meeting at P.F Chang’s
2. September 20th 11:00AM Holy Half Hour @ El Paso Club Downtown 18th Floor
3. September 20th 11:30AM Lunch is served! @ El Paso Club Downtown 18th Floor
4. September 20th 12:00PM Speaker Meeting: Fr. Beto Lopez form St Luke’s 
5. October 7th @ 11:30 AM Trustee Meeting at P.F. Chang’s 
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Our next Luncheon Meeting is Friday

September 20, 2013

We are honored to have

Fr. Beto Lopez


{St. Luke’s Parish}

As our guest speaker!


Help us grow our

ministry by inviting a candidate for

membership and lunch!

{from left} John Douglas, Fr. Ron Gonzalez and Andy Portillo (Recent past President of Serra Club) We are all called to be good Christians here we have three that just happen to come from "The Christian Brother's Boys"


We Thank Fr. Ron Gonzalez for his wonderful message and we wish him good luck in his mission for Sacred Heart Church!


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President’s Message:

Liz Rios-Carl

Hello Serrans,

September brings fall, football and back to school!

We are preparing our appeal letter and updating our mailing list. Our target date for mailing the appeal letter will be middle of October. I ask that all members submit names that we can add to our list. This is our annual appeal for monies that help us support our 13 seminarians; let’s all work together for our Seminarians!


God Bless,

Liz Carl



Special Vocation Prayer:

Holy Spirit, come to us; open our eyes to you that we may know Jesus as we seek his face. That we may hear his voice when he calls out our name.  Amen.

We are all called to be good Christians…


Allan Oluoch will be ordained a Priest on December 16th

Our Christmas Celebration with Bishop Seitz and

Seminarians will be December 19th