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Serra Club El Paso, Texas




Serra for Priestly and Religious Vocations




Presidents Message

Deacon Robert Diaz




Serra Members in action and new members


Prayers for Vocations, Serra Members. Birthdays



Vocations Prayer requests


Serra Appeal Flyer with Photos of our Seminarians


Trustee meetings

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Serra Club of El Paso. NO. 52


Established March 27,1950

District NO 5

Text Box: 1. October  7th 11:30AM Trustee Meeting at P.F Chang’s
2. October 18th 11:00AM Holy Half Hour @ El Paso Club Downtown 18th Floor
3. October 18th 11:30AM Lunch is served! @ El Paso Club Downtown 18th Floor
4. October 18th 12:00PM Speaker Meeting: Fr. Robert Mosher Columban Priest

5. November 4th @ 11:30 AM Trustee Meeting at P.F. Chang’s 
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Our next Luncheon Meeting is Friday

October 18, 2013

We are honored to have

Columban Father

Fr. Robert Mosher

As our guest speaker!


Help us grow our

ministry by inviting a candidate for

membership and lunch!

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Serra Club Thanks

Septembers Speaker:

Deacon Robert Diaz 

Thank you for your wonderful insight and sharing your stories.  We enjoyed learning through your personal testimonials. 

Congratulations on being

accepted as a Deacon within the Diocese of El Paso, Texas

Hello Serrans:


At the present time the Diocese of El Paso has 13 Seminarians studying for the priesthood.

 They are dedicated men on a long journey to becoming priests.  Their education requires nine years of schooling and preparation, consisting of undergraduate study in Philosophy, graduate study in Theology and parish internship.

 The Serra Club of El Paso encourages and guides young men who have expressed interest in pursuing a religious life.  The club is part of the Diocese’s effort to develop vocations.

 We have enclosed photographs and class status of each of our seminarians so that you may recognize them when they are visiting your parish.  When you see them, give them a word of encouragement and a “pat on the back!”  They are the future of our Church!

 We are asking your aid with a donation, whatever amount, to help these Seminarians during their school year.  We need your help!




Liz Carl, President


Serra Club

P.O. Box  1042

El Paso, Texas 79946-1042

Liz Carl

Presidents Message